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11/26/14 – God is Eternal

Sunday's Sermon

Today's Devotional

This is one of the attributes of God that just wows me. Scripture says that a thousand years is like a day to God (2 Peter 3:8/ Psalm 90:4). Even before creation, there God the Father stood, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit and what took place in eternity past is seen by God in the present. This amazes me because I have to stretch my mind to try and think back as to what it would have been like during the creation week. Yet God sees that as if it is happening right now. For some this can be scary that God sees everything so clearly and vividly, which means He sees the failures of the world. However something even more amazing happens when we receive Christ as Lord of our lives. God chooses to see His Son rather than our sins. He sees the blood of Christ covering us. This reminds me of how much God loves us, that He would create us, choose us, send His Son to die for us, and bring the Holy Spirit to us so that He could only see righteousness and not guilt. Another way that God being eternal helps me to focus on His love for me is through prayer. Every prayer is before Him clearly, vividly, and in the present. I feel loved than knowing He is listening all the time. I feel confident in prayer than knowing God always knows how things will turn out, because He sees it. God sees all things in the present, clearly and vividly, so when He hears and sees me praying He also sees His Son praying in a garden or on a cross. He sees His Son going through all this for me, while at the same time I am praying my prayer. Thousands of years apart, yet to God a thousand years is but a day.

Today's Challenge

What do you think it will be like to live for all eternity in heaven? How does endless time in the future in heaven, but limited time here on earth shape your day? How does it make you feel that God hears your prayers?

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