About Us


Munster Church has been serving the community for over 140 years as a ministry of the Christian Reformed Church of North America. During these many years God has blessed us with His amazing grace!  While the world has changed over these 140 plus years our God HAS NOT!

We are called to be the hands and feet of Christ to all God’s children. Our calling goes far beyond two weekly worship services.  We want to care for people and share the great news of Christ with the Northwest Indiana community and beyond.

In recent years God moved in the hearts of many different men and women in the church to develop the Renewal Plan, a strategic plan designed to help munster church be a more effective witness to the community. Now in 2013 with much of the original renewal plan put into action, the leadership of the church has revised the plan for the next 3 years called the Munster Church Strategic Plan. Click here read Munster’s plan to take the gospel to the Northwest Indiana Community and beyond.

Munster Church is located at 214 Ridge Road, Munster, IN. Click here for directions.